Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Hey guys, welcome to my blog. I finally realized that instead of letting all my thoughts get bottled up and boil over into my primary form of interaction with other humans - the inane small talk I'm forced to engage in with half-brain dead tourists at The Tavern - I could creatively express myself in what George W. Bush likes to call "the internets."

Who am I? I'm a refugee in the on-going war against intellectualism that started at time immemorial and has been prosecuted with amazing alacrity since January 20, 2001 - certainly with more success than the War Against Turror. I'm forced to ply my trade at a glorified trough for tourists because the written word is valued in this country about as highly in this country as free thought was in Ceausescu's Romania. I unfortunately live with a troika of ignoramii who appreciate me not at all, although perhaps not as ironically condescending as the sacks of shit whom I used to cohabitate with. I am, however, madly in love with my feline companion Alabama, the last remaining vestige of a relationship with a succubus who tried to devour my essence as if I were General Jack D. Ripper.

I am firmly interested in politics, or, perhaps I should say, the ongoing one sided class war being fought in this country. I enjoy sports and am an avid Phillies fan. And, one day, I will play guitar on stage with an aging Led Zeppelin.

I'll try not to bore you further with my musings now. Perhaps, in the future.......

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