Friday, May 2, 2008

Jonesy has been banned from engaging the sheep of capitalism....

Well, it seems I have stirred up a shitstorm of controversy with the right-wing sheep at our "sister-site," Funny, the few days I spent "trolling" their site, and not one logical reply from any of the mindless hate-zombies. I guess, now that I have been banned forever, I can fondly and forever lament my one sojourn into the right wing. Meanwhile, I would like to start an site affectionately known as The Ignoramii Watch.

Here are a few excerpts from those lying sacks of shit...

"Final thoughts on Jonesy, now banned. Somehow I feel responsible, and am strangely....glad!
As a Jonesy identified "sack of shit," I had hoped to give him some really shitty advice in response to his, oh, let me just post what he wrote: "I again implore you Lex, to answer my previous points with some sort of logical retort. This 'ad hominem,' as the logicians like to call it, is approaching the realm of triteness."
Hmm...the realm of triteness... Never heard of it. Is it near the Neutral Zone?
Now, you tell me. Is that some sort of logical retort, or not?"

You want multiculturalism, do you? OK, take a vacation in Riyadh, and try to smuggle in a Bible. Loudly complain that its confiscation is a sin against multiculturalism, and that at the very least, as a goodwill gesture, the Saudi authorities should allow you to recite the Our Father in public. When they deny this request, loudly complain about it, and then loudly complain some more when they put you on the next plane out of there, while shouting at you, in perfect Mohammadan Arabic, "Go to hell, you stinking infidel! We don't need or want your multiculturalist bullshit!"
Put up or shut up, jonesy."

"People, this is what MoonBat "one called jonesy" has written on his stupid "Jonesy Report!":
"Do the fundamentalist right-wing Bible-thumping sacks of shit from follow any logic in their discourse?" --from the Jonesy Report
What a loser, that Philadelphian called "Jonesy""

"Oh, no.
Not another smug, smarter-than-thou commenter who, ignoring the context of the thread, chooses to display his arrogance and intolerance... while criticizing us for what he's doing.
Facts are facts, jonesy; facts are not opinions. Have you ever studied law?
We discuss facts here.
FACT: an incident, act, event, or circumstance. A fact is something that has already been done or an action in process. It is an event that has definitely and actually taken place, and is distinguishable from a suspicion, innuendo, or supposition. A fact is a truth as opposed to fiction or mistake.
And then we offer our thoughts viz those truths. You offer your opinions and half-truths and, by vain repetition, try to convince us by your smart-ass bullying that your mistakes are indeed facts.
Get in the line with the rest of the castrati."

"Wow, so this is what happens when a high schooler runs a blog? It'd be fun to see what this know nothing would write if he wasn't allowed to use a f-bomb every paragraph.
Jonesy, easily has the weakest counter-argument ever posted here on jihadwatch, even weaker than our good friend naseem. Jonesy, do yourself a favor, and go to school today. Now, I realize you probably get made fun of, and beat up a lot, but you are not going to make it in this world if you don't at least get your high school diploma.
"...I certainly would never set foot in Riyadh..."
Not surprising that the "tough" one jonesy wouldn't dare step foot in a muslim majority country like Saudi Arabia. Proving yet again, 'that multi-culturalism is a uni-cultural phenomenon.' "

wow. all this pompousness, and nobody dared engage me in open, logical dialog. Guess its time for the sock puppets to come free...


  1. You have been called out. You can lalways re-register under another moniker, but I can fully understand if you do not wish to do so.

    Anyway, you are losing your own poll.

  2. "jonesy" will no longer be allowed to post on our website under ANY name. his liberal viewpoint is neither tolerated nor understood by our readers, as he does little more than anger them. good riddance...

  3. I'm sorry, Jonesy, but logical discourse does not usually contain the perjorative "sacks of shit" or "lying sacks of shit." So, given that you've insulted everyone on the website, I wouldn't expect measured, logical responses.

    Besides, all jihadwatch really does is report on the activities of jihadists. I fairly certain they aren't lying when they report that people are blowing themselves up every day, and basing their deeds on the Qur'an. I'll bet you cannot point out a single fabrication on their site, which makes me wonder how anyone can be a "lying sack of shit" when they don't actually lie. Hmm...

    Then, your first comment was apparently a satire about how we (jihadwatch commenters) fear what we don't understand and expect to reduce Muslims to the stereotypes of evil Klingons. That was very adult and logical of you.

    The problem is that most of us fear Muslim culture BECAUSE we understand it. It is based on ideas that are incompatible with our freedoms (of speech, of thought, etc, etc), and wants to dominate the globe, either converting, subjugating or killing us all.

    So, in conclusion, I'm not going to call you any names, but I will say that your level of discourse seems to be of a much lower order than that found over at the "lying sack of shit" site.

  4. Referring to your blog or the members who post on it as "sacks of shit" and "lying sacks of shit" was completely independant of any objection which I had to I held my tongue and kept from using these pejoratives on the website because I was looking for some sort of give and take, which I quickly realized was not going to happen. Keep in mind also, I never used any sort of derogative term such as "sacks of shit" on your actual website.
    I have no problem with the actual news articles on your site. They are at worst very informative and I have learned quite a bit. I DO have a problem with some of the angry, uneducated, and narrow-minded comments which are made in response to the articles. I attempted to engage in dicourse with some of the readers and was quickly thwarted. Sometimes, it seems as if certain commentors are producing little more than banging their genitalia on the keyboard in their responses.

    Seemingly, YOU, Mr. Anonymous, has some level of logical and educated understanding of Islamic culture, which has allowed you to draw your own logical, educated opinions and conclusions about the state of the world. Any sort of post I made on MY OWN SITE was in response to the utter lack of dialog I was receiving on, and was meant to be purely satirical, ironic, and sarcastic.

    I really came to your site for the purpose of playing devil's advocate to your opinions, whether I felt they were educated or not. I was frustrated that I was met merely with namecalling, ignorance, and illogic. Granted, my reaction was immature and rash, but I feel also totally warranted. Please accept my apologies if I ruffled any feathers, and perhaps we can engage in more open dialog in the future.



  5. If you don't like what is said by commenters, then either disagree or argue civilly.

    There are plenty of people who visit jihadwatch who have written various anti-Western, pro-johad posts. Know why they're not banned? Because they manage to do by simply putting forth their own point of view, and, objectionable as many of them are, they have a basis of argument to their posts.

    I read what you wrote on that site, and you represent a waste of time for the people there who are discussing serious issues.

    You bounced in there, threw around some adolescent insults and expect to be taken seriously?

    Personally i'd have left you there to exhibit your foolery but it's not my site.

    As for your comment re sheep of capitalism - if you're a sheep of communism or "liberalism" or whatever "ism" you espouse it makes you not one whit cleverer than others.

  6. oops, that's pro-jihad.

  7. Hi my name is lil' Amos and I come from the land of believers. I am very afraid of the Western Infidel culture because I do not understand it and I fear what I do not understand. I am perfectly fine with being nonmulticultural because of my lack of knowledge, and my inherent closemindedness. I like to watch episodes of Star Trek and pretend the crew of the Enterprise are members of The Ummah and the evil Klingons are Zionists and Crusaders, and we blast them with our phasers set to kill. Phaser the blashphemers!

  8. Jonesy the Nerd is no great loss, and will not be missed on Jihad Watch.

  9. Hahahahahaha. Look at poor little Jonesy, not aloud to post at our website anymore. Now who is the sack of shit? Come on Jonesy, we dare you to come back and try to post some of your Unamerican drivel. Bwhahahahahahahahahahaha.

  10. Good riddance Jonesy the jihad sympathizer. Maybe they will allow you to post your liberal crap in Riyadh.

  11. Jonesy,

    It's me; the Mr. Anonymous you actually responded to.

    You want dialogue and logical responses to your points on jihadwatch. Ok, here goes:

    Your first point (on a comment on the post was a satirical jab at everyone, making all of us out to be simpletons who fear what we don't understand and reduce everything to the level of Star Trek.

    My logical, reasoned response has already been posted; ie, that you're wrong and we do fear it because we understand it and what it represents; a serious threat to our lives and liberty.

    Tolerance of evil becomes evil.

    Then you were asked to imagine going to Saudi Arabia with a Bible and seeing what Islamist version of "multiculturalism" would look like.

    You responded that you wouldn't do that because you don't read the bible and you wouldn't want to force your beliefs on others, and it's too hot with too many Arabs.

    The last part seems racist and snide to me. Also, you don't have to read the bible to have it in your possession, and that's all the person was asking you to do, bring one with you, not proseltyze, or try to convert anyone; simply have one with you.

    The point was that they wouldn't tolerate that, and to look at the differential there, and maybe think about the implications, but you couldn't be bothered.

    So, what do you want to say, and have a debate about? Anything serious at all? This is your blog, so give it a serious attempt, if you want to be serious, or you could link to joke videos all day, and wonder why you're not taken seriously.

  12. Hi Lex!!!

    If you delve further into my postings on your site, you will see that over and over again I attempted to engage your ilk in civil, logical discourse, and was called, simply, a troll. My reaction, born out of frustration, was to create my satirical "Star Trek" post which had the fortunate consequnce of me being noticed for my absurdness. Further blogging on my own site led to an uproar on yours, and I was summarily banned. All of what I say about you "sacks of shit" is merely in jest, as I have come to love all of you for your simplicity and closemindedness. And the apparent outporing of snide comments from your fellows, rubbing in the fact that I am no longer welcome on your site, has been equally reprehensible and hypocritical as my own actions.

    To reply to your Bible in the Riyadh Airmply airport hypothetical, I would simply like to point out that the intolerance I would be subjected to in that situation would be eerily similar to the intolerance which would elicited from any happy Koran carrying member of the feared "jihad army."

  13. I'm not Lex, but I like the name, so call me that if you want: civil, logical discourse, and now I have been called, simple, closeminded, reprehensible, and on your video post, a hypocritical sack of shit.

    You had a chance to show how logical and civil you could be, and you did.

    So, goodbye to you, and I'm sure you'll take the last word, but I wish to call your claim ridiculous:

    I'm sorry, but the intolerance you would get from Saudi Arabia for carrying a Bible, is not one tiny bit like like what Koran-carrying people get here (ie, they get to keep it, they don't get threatened with jail or extradition, etc, etc,).

    But, then again, why should we tolerate a member of the "jihad army?" Jihad means the struggle for domination of Islam over the earth. I, for one, don't want to tolerate that.

  14. My first paragraph was meant to read:

    I'm not Lex, but I like the name, so call me that if you want. I came to your site to engage you in what you claim to desire: civil, logical discourse, and now I have been called, simple, closeminded, reprehensible, and on your video post, a hypocritical sack of shit.

  15. Not to toot that sack of shit Jonesy's horn or anything, but doesn't "capitalism" mean the struggle for domination of the Western world over the means of production, and therefore the Earth? I mean, come on, everybody knows it's a zero-sum game. Get with the program dude, everybody wants a slice of the pie...

  16. Hey Jonesy,

    Just checking to see how it feels to be stuck here on your own site, now that you are not allowed to post on ours anymore. How does it feel to be a "sack of shit." I apologize, I know I probably shouldn't taunt a miserable loser, but I can't help it. Trolls like you are such an easy target. Have fun.


    your friends at Jihadwatch.


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