Saturday, May 3, 2008

The sheep from .... now on you tube!!!!!

Seriously, you need to check out what these sacks of shit have done now!!


  1. Ok, so I was "Rick rolled" by clicking on this link. Good one!

    But logical discourse, or serious commentary it isn't. And there's the "sacks of shit" again.

    Do you expect anyone to take you seriously? Why?

    And since by your own definition (from your jihadwatch comment): "My idea of multiculturalism is simply to have enough respect to leave those I feel are inferior alone" - My question is; why don't you just leave the sacks of shit alone?

  2. Let's see. I am leaving you alone. I am no longer allowed to post on your blog, remember? You are the miserable sack of shit who keeps coming here and posting inane comments. I guess this makes you a hypocritical sack of shit.


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